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Sorrry i was to lazy to write one so i made my friend do it. love you all. This is Olviya. My beshhhtest girl in the world. i am her lover and she's mine. mine not yours...u need to work for me for 7 years to get her and then ill lie and give you her sister and in 7 more years she's yours hahah. if u read bible ull get the point. So she's an innocent beast....hahah no way...im innocent but she's just good. do i make any sense? well okay we met like 4 years ago...and guess what? i feel in love ahah. And so will you because she is simple, confident. ummm she has a mind of her own, true to herself. She is talkative. "SHUT UP OLIVIYA!" this would be ignored. aha she will talk and be positive. give her clear stuff...she will be your best friend for life. but dont give it to her otherwise ull be my worst enemy for life! get it??? its simple and should set in your head pretty well. :] we are peaceful kickers. OHHH she cooks like a real urkanian woman. nice haha u know those women with huge red lips and bleu eye shadow. jkjk. she's extreme baby...CREEPER! MAKES ME HAPPY CUZ SHE'S LIKE SITTING BY ME RIGHT NOW. gah im gonna beat her. and ill sleep with her tonight ;} OOOHHHH Matt! in your faceyyy. u like it don't you? i like it. she likes it too. ok later....ull deal with it. anyway.. talk to her and you will be as happy as i am. VERY HAPPY. birthday. bye...good. By:Anna Kerise My most important people. ♥♥♥Anna Kerise Rubina Fleur Lu and Matt♥♥♥
Name idk
Gender Female
Age 17
Location Sacramento, CA
Ethnicity Other
Status In a relationship
Music all types of rock


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